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Monday, March 2, 2015

Companion Spotlight: Hoodoo Cornelius

     Hello, Pirates! Welcome to the second edition of the Companion Spotlight. In this episode,  we'll be featuring Hoodoo Cornelius: his overview as a character, playstyle, strengths, weaknesses, etc. If you missed the first Companion Spotlight about Ratbeard, please click HERE.

     Hoodoo Cornelius can be bought from the Hoodoo Bundle for Pirate101 (for 29 U.S. dollars).  This little monkey is one of the few unique melee Witchdoctors in the game. He's also one of the most offensive companions obtainable in the game, and when used correctly, can wipe out the whole battle board in a couple turns.

Looks (he's one cute chimp)
Very useful epics
Go Bananas!

Low movement
Low defenses
If not used correctly, your fights are based on luck

First promotion: Monkey Witchdoctor
Second promotion (at level 30): Monkey Houngan
Third promotion (at level 52): Monkey Bokor

-Relentless (Auto-trained) 
-Second Chance
-Repel Borders
-Witch Hunter
-Blade Storm (at Monkey Bokor only)

      The typical build on Cornelius would be relentless 2, repel borders, and second chance. There are other builds to him, but this is the most common in the game. For non-epic powers, you can follow the guide HERE.


     To use Hoodoo Cornelius efficiently, you should have at least some sort of defensive buff in your arsenal of moves. I prefer to use Valor's Fortress (-50% damage on attacks for 5 turns), but Valor's Armor works as well.  You can easily find this item on pieces of gear throughout The Spiral (good ones, too). This buff not only works for incoming attacks from the enemies, but it also works on the percentage of health he loses from Go Bananas. Just by using Valor's Fortress once, you can multiply this move's hits by two!
     If you redeem your Hoodoo Cornelius on a Privateer, he can come in real handy. Boost his attack with your will buffs (and don't forget the defensive buff). Right before you use Go Bananas, use Battle Zeal. This should boost his accuracy by 50%, making him almost undodgeable. If you don't have a Privateer, accuracy doubloons can substitute for this buff. Position your Cornelius correctly, and BOOM! You leave your computer for some cheese and crackers and come back to defeated enemies.

As shown in this spotlight, Hoodoo Cornelius has his ups and downs, but overall, he makes a great companion. Thanks for tuning in for this post. Fair sailing, Pirates!

~Fishy Kyle

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  1. I love him! Once he was introduced in game I found his use against Bishop. Very awesome companion!


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